Koopalings Strategy is a real-time strategy role-playing game made by Koompompany. The game is said to be a mix of Warcraft with Pokémon. This is the first game made by .vectorDestiny. It is going to be released to the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U.



The player takes control of the Koopa Troop as they go their way to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. As they go through it, they meet with other unfriendly army. The player must defeat their leader in order to progress. Each army needs a captain, which is a Koopaling. Each Koopaling has a special move which can be used sometime during the battle, but it can be only used once. Each player's army memeber have a rank: S, A, B, C, D, E, F. Also, each mook have an element, each element have an advantage and a disavantage against other elements. See the Element table below.

The player also have to look for resources, such as food, camps and more, or otherwise, the mooks will leave the army.




Mook Name Rank Description Attack
Goomba Goomba
F Weak foes. They give pretty small damage on the enemies, but they are pretty fast. Headbonk: Hits one enemy. Deals small damage.
BoneGoomba Bone Goomba
E Stronger than a normal Goomba, but still pretty weak, also slower than an average Goomba. Bone Throw: Hits one enemy. Deals small damage.
CatGoomba Cat Goomba
E Stronger and faster than a normal Goomba, but have less HP. Cat Claw: Hits one enemy. Deals small damage.
GoldGoomba Gold Goomba
F Have the same stats as a normal Goomba, though gives more money if he doesn't run at the end of a battle. Headbonk: Hits one enemy. Deals small damage.
GoombaTower Goomba Tower
C The more the Goombas, more the power! Multiple Headbonk: Can hit multiple targets. Deals average damage.


Koopa TroopEdit

Mushroom AxisEdit






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